I Was Enjoying My Weekend When All of a Sudden Both My Friend and I Started Feeling Sick.

No, it wasn't Covid, were we dehydrated? We wrapped up our fishing weekend and skipped dinner because at this point we were both so exhausted and ready to shower and go to sleep. Were we getting sick? What could it be?

I Looked Up the Allergy Forcast in Shreveport-Bossier and It Confirmed My Worst Fears.

We are suffering from some serious allergies. Many people all over the Ark-La-Tex are reporting that their allergies are getting worse every single day. The tree pollen has been very severe which brings a lot of respiratory problems, sneezing, wheezing, and those pesky red, itchy eyes. It's not just tree pollen that many of us are suffering from its grass pollen too.

What are Some of the Most Common Allergy Symptoms?

You may have some congestion, coughing sneezing itchy eyes, nose, and throat, and runny nose and eyes. You may have some drainage in the throat also known as post-nasal drip. You may be exhausted.

The Best Thing You Can do For Yourself Right Now is Religiously Take Your Allergy Medication.

Looking at the allergy forecast there isn't going to be any relief for your allergies. Check out the forces from Weather.com below.



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