Some of the most beautiful campuses in the nation are found right here in the south.

I am so fortunate to have gone to college. I am so blessed to have gone to Baylor. I loved my time in school and I loved my four years walking that campus. For others who have attended college, you know that it's family and that campus is your home. Why else would they call it "Homecoming"? Am I right?

We're spoiled in the south with how gorgeous our campuses are.

In fact, Southern Living just posted a list of The South's Most Beautiful Colleges. I would argue that their definition of "the south" is a bit loose. I don't think, personally, that places like Maryland, Washington D.C. or Delaware are southern, but they do. They did get some right as they found campuses that are near and dear to some of our hearts right here in the Ark-La-Tex.

Here are a few:

Arkansas: Hendricks College

Louisiana: Tulane University

Texas: Baylor University

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