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I think we can all agree that life in Louisiana is unique and with Geek'd Con 2023 coming up this weekend, I thought it would be fun to ask about Southern superpowers!

If you could have any Southern superpower, what would it be Shreveport-Bossier City, LA?

I don't know about you, but I'd be able to turn a regular glass of iced tea into the Southern sweet classic with the blink of an eye if I was granted Southern superhero powers! When you think about it, a Southern superhero would have to have novel superpowers that wouldn't be appreciated anywhere else. Let's face it, we march to the beat of a different drummer down here, but I wouldn't change a thing... even if that means that we have to claim Jimbo and his overalls with hidden pockets and contraptions that make him a combination of Mr. Gadget and Batman!

What's your Southern superpower Shreveport-Bossier City, LA?

Colvin Roberson
I’m not sure what my superpower is, but I’m on level 42 of living in Shreveport. So, there’s obviously something.

Sheila Pieper
I leave glitter where ever I go. hahahahaha

Jay Michaels
The ability to insult someone and they’ll take it as a compliment.

Christina Moseley Pinckard
I can walk barefooted on hot asphalt and rocks without worry.

Tony Rice
I'm able to handle some of the spiciest foods where it would hospitalize others.

A funny fat man in a superhero costume.

Amber Perry

Michelle Rettig Vineyard
I can walk in heels on grass without sinking into the yard! I can also apply mascara while driving down a dirt road without smearing it lol

Charles Roper
Faster than a speeding swamp boat. More powerful than a tornado. Able to open doors for ladies in a single boot scoot. It's a dually. It's a tractor. It's Southern Man!

Jessica Clarke
The ability to hold their OWN beer as they do something stupid.

Nancy Teller Denton
During the day, mild-mannered James Robert Jones, a live bait salesman. But after eating a moon pie and washing it down with an RC Cola, he is transformed into Super Bubba. Faster than the crowd storming The Walmart on Black Friday, Stronger than 3-day-old roadkill, and able to leap a 4-car crash at Talladega in a single bound.

Superhero holding a football and cheering

Kim Routh
Fix a casserole at the speed of light! Enough to feed an army in the bat of an eye. Because gracious hospitality is everything...

Diana Clark
It’s Four-Wheel Man! Faster than AAA! More powerful than an ice storm! Able to leap large mud holes in a single thunderstorm! (And if he can’t help you, there is his partner Winch Man!!

Andrea M Jarvis
Greatest Southern Superpower... Granny's ability to turn a potato into Sunday dinner.

Sharon Mitchell Lefante
The ability to jerk a knot in you and make it look like an accident!

Randy C. Lindsey
Defender of the weak, protector of manners, and able to change a tractor tire while quoting Shakespeare.

Little Superhero

David Edgar
The ability to actually get out of the house and leave in less than 30 minutes after the goodbyes start.

Angie R Hollifield
The ability to have Alexa understand what we say the first time.

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