People are just too sensitive these days!

Just about everyday you have to watch what you say or you could face some type of backlash like a gentleman on a Southwest flight from Sacramento, California to Austin Texas.

According to Yahoo, the passenger was removed from the flight after making a joke after a rather long flight delay that made the flight crew and cabin bothered.

Other passengers on the flight said the delay was about three to four hours and ask a flight attendant gave out water the passenger said,

Wow, I hope that's vodka because we've been sitting here for so long.

The attendant replied sharply "Yeah, it's vodka" when the man replied back "Hey, this isn't vodka."

Things went downhill from there as the flight attendant and the passenger got into a verbal altercation then the attendant made a call the plane taxied to the terminal police boarded to plane and removed the male passenger.

The male passenger clearly said it was uncalled for and threatened to sue the airline.

Southwest released a statement saying,

We regret any less-than-positive experience a Customer has onboard our aircraft. We will share this report with our Customer Relations Team.

While this is beyond petty to get put off of a plane over a vodka joke.

Next time just do like me and take your seat, buckle up, put your headphone on and go to sleep til you land at your destination.



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