Drinking on the first date is a dicey proposition.  The social lubricant can be a great way to loosen up an otherwise tense situation, but the danger of over-indulging in order to overcome nerves is ever present.  Pay attention to this moment - not only should you be careful to keep your wits about you, the type of drink your date orders can tell you a lot about them.

According to online dating app ONCE's in-house dating expert and psychologist Amelie Guerard, more than half of first daters choose to imbibe and what they choose to drink gives clear signs as to what type of personality they have.

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If you order a beer, it shows that you are most likely a laid-back, easy going person.  This beverage says, "no pressure, no high expectations.

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By comparison, wine exemplifies sophistication.  Wine drinkers are typically "plugged in," to what's going on in everyone's life - and they're not afraid to share or offer opinions, either.  Guerard's research also shows that wine drinkers are quite fond of compliments as well.



Rum-drinkers are typically mysterious and captivating, and are often described as the life of the party.  You'll likely have a fun and spontaneous time with this firecracker.

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Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine that is often enjoyed by shy first-time daters.  If your date is sipping the fizzy drink, just know that a deeper and very interesting personality lies just below the surface.  However, you will probably have to be the one to initiate the conversation.



Tequila drinkers are a special bunch.  If you are on a first date with someone who orders a tequila based drink, hold on to your hat.  These folks love life, and plan on living it to the fullest!  Expect this person to be curious (not nosey) and determined.

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Finally, our old potatoey friend - vodka.  This liquor is enjoyed on first dates by bubbly, chatty folks who love meeting new people.  Vodka-folk are most likely social butterflies, and quite charming.

There are way more personality traits associated to particular first-date drinks, check out a more detailed list from the New York Post by clicking here.