I'm not crying, you're crying!

OK, maybe we're both crying, but for good reason. A video has gone crazy viral remind us not to take anything for granted, especially our eyesight.

The video centers around a sweet lady named Mary, who happens to be blind. She has a degenerative impairment, which overtime, has taken away her eyesight completely. Her best friend in the entire world, is her guide dog, Lucy.

In the footage, we see Dr. Mary receive special glasses that will allow her to see. These glasses are called eSight Electronic Glasses, and they truly are miracle workers.

Once she puts her glasses on and gets them focused correctly, she immediately locks into her best friend, Lucy. She can't help but cry as she looks into the eyes of her guide dog, and she is clearly blown away by how pretty her furry friend is.

Trust me, you'll have a hard time keeping your eyes dry with this one...


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