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Is it legal to travel up to 10 miles per hour over the speed limit in Louisiana? Some say that law enforcement won't bother pulling someone over for going 5-10mph over the speed limit. After all, our police officers have a few other pressing issues to address. Still, other people say the law is the law. All opinions aside, we want to know, is driving slightly over the speed limit illegal or not?

There's nothing more annoying than someone driving slowly in the fast lane. Especially when you're late. But have you ever thought that getting pulled over would make you even later? Yep! A wreck would make you even later than that, and who wants to get hurt? I'm pain adverse, so I say we all slow down and save some money. Plus, it's easier on our vehicles when we hit those legendary Louisiana potholes going slower... allegedly.

Can you drive 10 mph over the posted speed limit in Louisiana?

The short answer? No! In fact, Louisiana is the 15th most expensive state to get a speeding ticket in, so slow down!

Seriously, Louisiana is an expensive place to own a car when you calculate wear and tear on your vehicle, insurance, take into account uninsured motorists, taxes, etc... Then you add in those fun things like fines for speeding and it gets really pricey! Obviously, fines will vary depending on where you get pulled over in the Bayou state, but these are the base fines for the State of Louisiana... meaning this is the MINIMUM you could be fined for speeding. Ouch!

Ticket                                      Base fee    Maximum fine
1 - 9 mph over speed limit      $115           $285
10 - 14 mph over speed limit  $215           $385
15 - 20 mph over speed limit  $240           $410
21 mph or over                        >$240        Possible court appearance/license                                                                                       suspension

Keep in mind, the amounts listed don't include court costs, attorney fees, any additional charges, increases to your insurance, etc... Yikes! Add in a charge for reckless operation, driving under the influence, or negligent homicide, and your goose is cooked. Remember, driving is a privilege, not a right. Just saying.

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