Things aren't going well for the Steelers right now, and this viral video is the ultimate proof.

There's nothing on the planet more disheartening than seeing two loyal fans from the same fan base going head-to-head. It's like watching your own family members fight, it just don't feel right!

Things have gotten to a point for the Steelers where their own fans are turning against each other. This viral clip hit the web shortly after the Chargers epic comeback over the Steelers this past weekend. If there's anything that will set fans against each other, it's their mutual interest completely blowing it for the entire world to see, and that's exactly what the Steelers did Sunday night.

Two Pittsburgh Steelers fans were arguing toe-to-toe in the stands on Sunday when one of them headbutted the other, knocking him out of the picture.

Other fans try to get in the middle, but then the headbutted guy comes back for more, and this time the dude punches him several times. The entire area turns into a small scrum until security arrives.

WARNING: There might be some background profanity in the clip below.



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