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As kids, our parents try to teach us not to pick up bad habits. One of those habits is having your hands around your face... whether it's your eyes, your mouth, or picking your nose. It took an unfortunate, yet hilarious, incident yesterday to fix my habit of biting my nails.

If you are having a hard time learning to stop biting your nails or cuticles, this TRUE story will stop you... Immediately!

This actually happened to me yesterday. I, of course, had to share the story on social media.

This is so gross but it's too funny not to share. One of the horses at the therapeutic riding center where I volunteer (GREAT in Greenwood, LA) needed his sheath cleaned today and no one was manning up because he’s a known kicker… so I’m like WTH, I’ll do it… on the way back I found myself chewing on my nails… realized what I was doing and almost had to pull over to get sick ‍♀️ How’s your day going?

The only way you're not laughing at this point is if you don't understand what a horse's sheath is. I'll let YouTube do the explaining.

And no, when I cleaned his sheath, I wasn't wearing gloves or my standard southern issue 'Barbara Bush pearls.' Let's take a look at the positives. I did wash my hands thoroughly afterward, the deed is now done, and I didn't get kicked. But still! Eww! I hope you had a good laugh and have a great day;)

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