By now you've probably seen the crazy fight at McDonalds involving a customer and an employee. The video has gone viral with millions and millions of views which has caught the attention of McDonalds corporate office which according to TMZ who're investigating the incident. If you haven't seen the video check it out below...

The person who shot the video tells TMZ the entire fight was over stealing soda. The customer was confronted by employees when they saw her taking soda from the machine with a water cup... Which the water cup of course was free. In the video you see the aftermath of the confrontation where the customer gets thrown around by the much larger employee.

Based on just what I see on the video it appears to escalate to a physical altercation following the customer throwing her drink at the employee. Of course we don't see what happens prior to the video starting but it's safe to say both sides could have acted a little more maturely in the situation.

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