Does Everyone Miss The Shreveport Captains as Much as Me?
The Major League Baseball 2016 opening day is only a couple weeks off. It's scheduled for Sunday, April 3, 2016, and being the baseball freak I am, thinking of its coming stirred my longing for the days of old. The days the Shreveport Captains were the kings of the Texas League.
The New Voice Of LSU Debuts Tonight
After more than three decades someone other than Jim Hawthorne will be the voice of the LSU Tigers. Chris Blair will debut behind the microphone for tonight's season opener against Cincinnati.
Squirrel Dive Bombs Dugout at Phillies' Game
You know it's a bad game when the most exciting thing that happens is when a squirrel is spotted, then makes a dive at the home teams dugout. Not sure what the little critter was thinking. However I'm sure unless it had a proper ticket was escorted by security out of the ball park...

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