Olympians In The SBC!!!
I've always thought the Olympics were magical. Yes, I'm one of those people that is glued to the TV during the Olympics. There's just something so GRAND about being chosen to represent your country in your respective sport in front of the entire World! I (you probably guessed this) am…
Haughton Riding Club Rummage Sale This Saturday!
The newly, re-formed Haughton Riding Club is hosting it's first Rummage Sale this Saturday to raise funds to build an announcer's stand! Come by, get a great deal on all kinds of items and help a worthwhile community organization!
LMFAO Free Style Dressage (VIDEO)
Yes, I'm aware this my second horse post of the day but you've gotta see this to believe it! Anyone who has any experience will be amazed! Bent Jensen is AMAZING! I love the Wiggle!
The Pony That Wouldn’t Give Up {VIDEO}
I'd be lying if I told you this weekend wasn't super stressful. It was... Thank God for great friends and amazing veterinarians. I wish I was a better writer. This is as close as I can come to adequately conveying how scared we were for our Sunny girl this weekend with out rambling all ove…