I've been to nightclubs in NYC, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, California and more major cities but I've never been to a nightclub like Phoenix Underground! Unfortunately Phoenix is now closed, but given it's name we're hoping to see it rise again. I have so many memories and so many other nights with not as many memories from that amazing nightclub. While this party has ended Owner Tim Huck keeps it going at Sandbar/The Vault just around the corner.

The club was unique for many reasons but the entrance was always one of my favorites because you literally went underground. On the elevator ride down you could feel the pulse of the speakers getting you pumped for a long night of partying. Then once inside the club you had several different options of where to party.

The main dance floor had an incredible lighting system with different styles of vip areas all around from couches to private rooms to king sized beds. On any given night the best local DJ's could be seen here like Jay Whatley, Handsome Rob, Core G, Zach Golden, Lomax, Brain, Krash, DJ Grafik, Ronnie Lopez and many others... And of course Charlie Murphy could be heard on the mic somewhere in the building! And of course the main DJ's DJ Fabor and DJ Dayton!

Then my favorite area was the white room which added a 2nd bar and many nights a 2nd DJ to the party! And of course we cannot talk about Phoenix Underground without mentioning Mickey the Hot Dog Man who on Friday and Saturday's had huge lines out front waiting for his famous dogs! Mickey is still found in Downtown Shreveport on weekdays for lunch off Texas St.

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