Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have made it through graduation without any major spills.

We're following in the popular social media trend, Throwback Thursday, or #TBT for you trendy folks. It's graduation season and of course, this is the greatest time in graduates' lives. Everyone dresses to the nines and pulls out their most extravagant shoes. After all, the shoes are all that you can see when you're wearing that graduation gown.

For girls, that means heels... Heels we can't really walk in.

We haven't heard or seen any major spills this year, but last year we had one that took the cake. Jasmine Williams was graduating from Mansfield High in Louisiana and unfortunately didn't wear the right shoes to talk on the field. Let's be honest though... Are there any shoes that are appropriate for a field besides cleats?

She fell... Hard.

Shall we relive it?

We received a lot of heat for posting this video last year. However, we contacted Jasmine and had her come spend some time with us in the studio to talk about the fall. She was an incredible sport about it all and actually enjoyed the attention.

She found it funny!

Here's our followup chat with her...