We have all seen those videos where people were coming off hydrocodone after their wisdom teeth have been removed. These folks usually have someone taking care of them, but also recording their silliness. However, I have not seen this happen before.

Abby Jo Hamele, she attends St James Academy in Lexena, Kansas. She got her wisdom removed and then started sending emails.

I just love how see refers to the Teacher's assistant by first name and ends with a sweet ole "love you bye". And I love how much care and kindness is in this email about answering every question so there isn't any 'awkward silence' and buy expo markers that work.

When I got my wisdom teeth removed, I was sitting in my mom's car waiting for her to get my medications from CVS. I had my forehead on the window because the coldness felt good on my face for some reason. My mouth was stuffed with those cotton swabs and looked like a chipmunk. I reemmber seeing my mom come out of the store and her handing me Lindor chocolates and then went back inside. Do I know why? Of course not! She handed me chocolate. So with the swabs still in my mouth, I tried to eat the chocolate. I made a huge mess. Chocolate was not only all over my face but all over my shirt. My mother comes back with my medication and takes one look at me. I look at her covered in chocolate and swabs in my mouth and give her a jolly, "Hi Mom!" Easy to say not the best of decisions I have ever made.

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