Going out this weekend? Try to avoid saying these ten things to your DJ...

I have spent all of my adult life DJing in Shreveport nightclubs. I have seen it all in terms of people around town and what they ask for/say to me and other DJs on a regular basis. There are many things that are routinely said to me that I love. For instance, I love it when people come up and compliment my radio show, or ask about my daughters. I love when people come up and tell me they're having a great time and to keep it up. I love that genuine interaction that I get to experience with folks on a weekly basis.

However, on the other hand, there are things that are said every single night that make me cringe.

Below is my list of ten things you should quit saying to DJs.


  • 1

    Can You Play a Line Dance?

    Yep, i'm gonna start with the big one. I've never understood Shreveport's fascination with line dances. If it's the Wobble, the Cupid Shuffle, the Bunny Hop, or anything else you danced too at your middle school sock hop, please for the love of God, stop requesting it.

  • 2

    Where's The Bar?

    This one is particularly annoying because generally the bar is very close to the DJ booth. If not right next to it, it's certainly within sight and I've never understood asking the DJ instead of just looking around.

  • 3

    Can I Charge My Phone Up There?

    Be honest, many of you are most likely guilty of this one. Any given night, I'll get this request 3-6 times during a four-hour set. Of course, me being the nice guy I am, I generally will put their phone on a charger for them. Then, they usually ask an even cringier request, which is, "Can you watch my phone and make sure nothing happens to it??" No,we cannot baby-sit your phone...

  • 4

    Do You Have This Song?

    When this question is asked, it's coupled with a person holding their Spotify playlist up and pointing at an off-the-wall song that no one except for this person and their small circle of friends have ever heard of. If it's a song that should be played in the night club, we already have it. If we don't have it, there's probably a good reason for it.

  • 5

    Can You Play My Song Next?

    This one hurts, because generally if I can play it next, I absolutely will. Often times, though, the requested song is one that a DJ would have to "work towards". Basically, you can't just ram any song in during a busy nightclub set. If the requested song fits the night, and the DJ is willing to accept song requests, then generally it will take a little while to seamlessly get the music to the requested song's tempo to be able to mix it in. The problem with this question is that generally the folks who ask it will get upset with you if their song isn't played immediately, which is always a bummer.

  • 6

    Can You Just Play if Off YouTube?

    Short answer. Absolutely not. If you want to hear this song so bad, go listen it to it in your car. If a DJ during a nightclub set pulled up YouTube and played a song from there, the respectable bar owner would quickly grab him and escort him off the premises and be asked to never show his face around that club again.

  • 7

    Play Something I Can Dance To.

    This one hurts just typing it. Let me perfectly clear... No DJ at a nightclub is intentionally playing music that you cannot dance to. If there's one thing I've learned about Shreveport, it's that some people only dance to a line dance, and some people only dance to Lil Boosie. Sometimes it's hard to find something for everyone.

  • 8

    Can You Hold My Jacket?

    Of course we can, but if we take your jacket, we'll have to take everyone else's jacket and we aren't trying to turn the booth into a coat-check.

  • 9

    Can You Play it Again? I Was In The Bathroom.

    Brutal. That's the only way to describe this one. It's a nightly occurrence and man is it hard to explain to someone why you can't play it again. They never understand why you can't just play the same song twice in a twenty minute period, and generally they get pretty upset over it. Brutal.

  • 10

    I Am Also a DJ.

    I saved this one for last because it's not necessarily annoying to hear, I just never understand how I'm supposed to respond. I'll never go into a nightclub and walk up to a working DJ just to tell him I also do what he's doing. That makes no sense. What is supposed to do? Move over and let me play his club? Announce to the club that another DJ is in the building? Honestly, it's like the weirdest thing to say to a working DJ, yet it happens every single weekend.