I hope I'm never robbed at gunpoint, but if I am, I hope it's this guy.

Clearly he didn't read "How to Rob a Store for Dummies". This guy managed to pull off the worst robbery every documented, luckily, this one is documented with a security camera.

The now viral video shows a middle-aged man attempt to rob an e-cigarette store in Colorado. So let's recap, he's a terrible criminal, and he vapes... Got it.

Anyways, he decided he would walk right up to the counter and whip out a gun before demanding some cold hard cash. That's where he made his first mistake. He totally botched the gun-move, and fumbled the pistol, thankfully dropping it onto the other side of the counter. The employee swiftly picks it up, sending the would-be thief running out of the store.

Then, tings went from bad to worse for the guy, as his pants fall down to his knees once he steps outside.

You gotta see this!