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There's no two ways about it: Terry Funk is a living legend. Whether you know him as an actor (he had pretty large parts in Road House and Paradise Alley, among others) or as a pro wrestler, Funk was a global superstar and a legend in the State of Texas. You may have not known his name, but you definitely knew his face. And, sadly, it sounds like the former owner of the Double Cross Ranch in Amarillo Texas is facing some serious health issues.

Over the past year or so, Funk has had to cancel several personal appearances due to chronic pain and other ailments. And now, sadly, it appears that his condition has worsened drastically. According to former pro wrestler, Don Muraco, Funk is currently living in an assisted living facility and suffering from dementia.

Muraco says the 77 year old is disabled from dementia and is currently in a facility in Amarillo.  Funk was regularly posting on Twitter and Instagram through a social media management company. While there are still posts being regularly made on the page, none have come directly from Funk himself in recent months. The last personal post from Terry Funk was posted back in February where he asked fans to quit sending memorabilia to his house to sign.

In that video, Funk states "I'm an old man and I'm tired.". In that same video, the Texas icon says he's going 'lame brained' and would appreciate if fans would stop sending him things to sign.

While it's true that Funk is a 77 year old man that his put his life through a tremendous amount of abuse, it's still heartbreaking to see a man so full of life and passion slowly fading away. Our thoughts are with Terry and his family. And, as a huge fan, I just want to say thank you for bringing so much enjoyment and memorable moments over the years.

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