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Last year, a lot of us had a very small Thanksgiving.  Locked in from the pandemic with our "pods," families across the country celebrated our national day of giving thanks with far fewer people in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

This Year Lots of Thanksgiving Travelers Will Flying Out of Shreveport Regional

The good news is: Now that we seem to be getting to the bitter end of the pandemic, the masses are (with a few lingering restrictions) free to fly the friendly skies again.  The bad news is: The masses are free to fly the friendly skies again - and believe me, they will.

After at least a year of forceful distance from stressful endeavor that is an air journey - jumping back into it may seem a bit overwhelming.  Best case scenario: You get where you want relatively on-time and the flight attendants keep those little bottles coming.  Worst case scenario: You end up eating Thanksgiving Dinner at Detroit Metropolitan Airport on a layover after a few delays.

US To Ease Travel Restrictions For Vaccinated International Travelers
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For Shreveport Regional Airport Travelers a Little Preparation Goes a Long Way

While you can't predict the wild layover/plane changing game you sometimes have to play to save a few bucks on airfare - you can minimize your risk of it ruining your Thanksgiving plans.  The official Shreveport Regional Airport website has a pretty helpful guide when it comes to getting your ducks in a row before you head for the skies.

  1. Book Early.  If you haven't already purchased your tickets, you're running behind.  You may be running out of options, but you may still be able to fly on the holiday itself.
  2. Arrive Early.  Both the Shreveport Regional Airport and travel experts at Forbes say if you're not at least 2 hours early - you're late.  Why?  The lines, the checkpoints, last minute gate changes, and more can add up to enough time for you to miss your flight very quickly.
  3. Bring Your ID.  Believe it or not, this question is one of the most frequently asked on the Shreveport Regional Airport's website.  If you're over the age of 18, you absolutely have to have your government-issued, picture ID to get on board an airplane.
  4. Bring Your Mask.  As of right now, federal law requires passengers to wear a mask while they are using commercial travel vehicles such as  trains, buses, and airplanes.  These rules also apply to airport terminals and train stations, so even if you're dropping off or picking up a loved one - you'll need a mask.  If you're flying, experts say pack a few extras just in case.
  5. What Can I / Can't I Bring?  For this one we'll have to defer to the TSA's official explanation.  Most things (like pocket knives) are pretty obvious, but things like the amount of lotion they'll let you have is a little fuzzy.  They will let you carry a single, 12-ounce bottle of liquid hand sanitizer in your carry-on luggage in order to compliment your mask to complete your germ fighting ensemble.

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