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Last week, we (Chica & The Bald Guy) launched our Thanksgiving though experiment.  Affectionately dubbed "Side Dish Madness," this is a bracket-style "tournament" of culinary favorites.  Most of the matchups played out as expected, but there was one upset.

As per your votes: Mashed Potatoes beat out Brussel Spouts (no surprise there), Stuffing/Dressing won over Cranberry Sauce/Relish (as we expected), Rolls/Cornbread took the W from Fruit/Waldorf Salad (they were favored in this matchup.  The barn-burner was Deviled Eggs barely winning over Sweet Potato Casserole!

Now, it's once again time for you to cast your vote.  Round 2 is going to be much tougher.  These are not the choices you want to make for Thanksgiving, but we are on a quest to find out which side dish reigns supreme on the dinner table (next to turkey, obviously).

Below, you'll find the updated bracket - and the voting!  Make your voice heard, then share it with like the minded Thanksgiving freaks in your life!

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