A lot of people are looking for love. Instead of finding love the old fashioned way like going to church, a bar, a grocery store, or a street corner a lot of people are turning to online dating. It works. I know several couples that have come together as a result of the "information super love road". The folks at Match.com suggest if you're looking for love online then don't make these mistakes.

  • Valerio Pennicino, Getty Images
    Valerio Pennicino, Getty Images

    Misspelled Words

    It's a good thing I am married already because I misspell a lot of stuff. You can probably find a botched word in this article. Misspelled words makes you look lazy, uneducated, and to be honest, stupid. You're none of those things. So use the spell-check on your postings and don't let the grammar police bring you down.

  • Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images
    Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images

    Evasive Descriptive Words

    We've all wondered what "curvy" was supposed to mean. I think of Sofia Vergara as curvy. In a lot of online dating verbiage curvy tends to mean, "I go by the gym everyday, I just don't stop". It's always best to say who you are and what you are.Chris Christie is not curvy, he is fat. Honesty is the key to a successful relationship, don't start out yours with a lie.

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    Bragging Or Narcissism

    I have found that when people are amazing they don't have to tell you. A pretty lady knows she is pretty. A handsome fellow does not need to tell you that. This is the case where the picture takes care of a thousand words. If you have to tell me how rich, how hot, how successful, you are then I am going to be skeptical.

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    I'm Tired Of ________

    We're all tired of something and no one wants to date a whiner. It's okay to be fed up with guys, girls, life, politics, uncomfortable shoes, and underwear that rides up into the crack of your behind. It's just not attractive to share that information to a potential love interest. Save the perpetual dissatisfaction for marriage. Remember marriage is for better or worse, dating is for fun and enjoyment.

  • Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images
    Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

    Your Former Flames

    If you use your former lover as the definition for your desired lover then the reason they left must be you. Nobody wants to be compared like avocados at the grocery store. It's okay to point out qualities that you like in a person. Just don't give them a name and go on and on about how amazing they were. It makes you look like the problem.

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