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Every week, Chica & the Bald Guy search the Shreveport/Bossier City area (commonly referred to as the SBC) for your favorite teacher.  Every single person who chooses the teaching lifestyle does so knowing that they will most likely never get rich for it.  The fearless men and women that face a class full (or more) of our kids day in and day out deserve much more than they get.

It is in that spirit that we seek to recognize one educator a week who goes above and beyond the call of duty for her students!  This week, the exemplary teacher we are recognizing as The Chica & The Bald Guy Teacher of the Week is Shreveport's Eighty First Street ECE Special Ed Preschool Teacher Ugunda Clark!

Ugunda was nominated by Adelyne Massey.  Adelyne is the parent of one of Mrs. Clark's students, and has seen first hand the difference this incredible teacher's dedication has made in her daughters life.  Here's what she had to say:

Mrs. Clark is a Special Ed Preschool Teacher at Eighty First Street ECE and has been a tremendous blessing to our family. As many parents know having a special needs child isn’t always easy. You are constantly worrying and making sure all their needs are taken care of, since my daughter step foot into her classroom this past August I have known without a shadow of a doubt Mrs. Clark has taken great care of her. She is helping her exceed her personal goals, making sure she have every tool she needs to succeed, making sure she gets the correct therapy, and has given me the reassurance I have needed multiple times this year. I know personally since we have been out of school due to the Covid19 she has called and FaceTimed my daughter, as well as helped me with questions on homeschooling and how to continue her therapy at home. It’s the little things Mrs. Clark does like including a weekly joke when sending out her class’ weekly work, FaceTiming with her class when my daughter was out of school with the flu to check on her, sending pictures of every single activity they do, throwing little snack parties for the kids, and most importantly just making sure her children have fun while learning, that makes her such an amazing teacher!

Congratulations, Ugunda Clark - you are Chica & the Bald Guy's Teacher of the Week.  Not only do you have our respect and admiration, you have also been awarded a $50 gift card good at Notini's restaurant!

Nominate the most amazing teacher you know for next week's Teacher of the Week Award!