Nothing gets me quite as excited as horse show season and since the first NLEA Club show of the year is scheduled for this weekend at Double Rainbow AND I'm announcing, I'm doubly excited. The only thing that could top it would be if I were able to announce from horseback, but I haven't quite mastered that yet! Double Rainbow Equestrian Center is located on Adner Road, just off of Bellevue Road in Haughton, La. If you or your child is interested in learning to ride English or if you are a fan of the Hunter/Jumper sport, make plans to head to Haughton this weekend. On a side note, the arena is covered to get you in from out of the sun/weather and there will be concessions. Friday night, exhibitor parties are back! Come prepared to hang with your fellow equestrians and please bring something to drink or a dessert to share!

Katie Arnoldy on Bordino D at Double Rainbow/photo by Claude Price


Halloween Costume Contest at Double Rainbow 2010


Catherine Texter Baker at Double Rainbow/photo by Claude Price
Me and my TB Under Pressure at Double Rainbow
My other four legged boyfriend, Paisano/photo by Claire Harp