Facebook went down for nearly 30 minutes this afternoon and for those long, agonizing 30 minutes, people lived in sheer panic. (Sidenote: Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, was reportedly down too, but it was so brief, we couldn't even find a report about it.)

Millions were left to ponder life’s tough questions like, “How will I know what my friends ate for lunch?” “What if I miss my cousin’s 10th photo post of her newborn today?” or “How will they know I’ve been to the gym?”

Others just sat stunned and in complete disarray, unable to speak or function. But never fear, the other social networks were still here. Specifically, many users fled to the ground zero of social media, Twitter, and aired their grievances via #facebookdown in the best possible way, including hilarious memes. Here are some of our faves:

Btw, the next time you get that dreaded error page message that your social network is down and want to know if it's just you or if it's time for widespread panic, just check sites like isitdownrightnow.com to be sure. Happy posting!

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