Kim Kardashian filed a lawsuit against Old Navy for $20 million in damages for violating her name and likeness by using that look-alike Melissa Molinaro. Now Old Navy’s parent company, The Gap, is having their lawyers launch an investigation to see if she even has a reputation to defend.

They are gathering the financial records from Sears and Bebe to find out how much they earned by using the Kardashians. They are even going to discuss why Bebe ended up dropping the sister’s line.

They are also using the argument that Kim is no Melissa because Melissa is talented and is known for being able to sing and dance! They want to call in a key witness that can testify that these girls are nothing alike, their mutual ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush.

Launching this new investigation will keep this lawsuit tied up in court for at least another year. Even if Old Navy ends up losing the case, they could get away without paying a dime.