Most likely when you hear Hanson, you immediately think of the band with three brothers and their classic hit song MMMbop.  You may also think of their awesome hair.  There is one other thing that you may not be aware of that is associated with the Hanson brothers.  What is it?  Beer.  Yep, the Hanson brothers have their very own beer. You may recall we told you about their beer line a few years ago.

To catch you up, their beer is known as MMMhops.  How cool is that name? The beer is mostly distributed in the beautiful state of Oklahoma, so you won't find them in local bars just yet. However, you can order it online through the Wine and Cheese Place. So far their most popular beer of the Mmmhops line is their pale ale. The official end of summer, Labor Day weekend, is fast approaching.  That may be the time you would like to give their beer a try for your holiday weekend BBQ.

We want to know if you have tried any of the Hanson MMMhops beer or plan to give it a try. Comment on our Facebook page and let us know.


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