January 11, 2011

Michael Douglas talk about cancer... Plus Eva Longoria removes Tony from her body... And Justin Bieber makes out with another woman

Michael Douglas has given his very first TV interview since being treated for throat cancer. He tells Matt Lauer that he's relieved that the tumor has completely disappeared. He says that he has to check it on a monthly basis now to make sure things are in order so there's not total euphoria, but he's glad it's over. He says that his salivary ducts have closed down as a result of the radiation, but his appetite is back. He claims to have lost 32 pounds, but has put 12 back on so far. He's ready to go back to work and says that he feels he has the cancer beat! YOu can watch this interview this morning on the Today Show.

Eva Longoria has done something to show that she is totally done with Tony Parker. We heard she is dating Penelope Cruz's brother, and now she is removing memories of Tony from her body. She was photographed over the weekend flashing her wrist that was missing the Roman numerals she had tattooed there. There is scarring where the wedding date used to be. However, Eva also has Tony's jersey number on the back of her neck. There's no word if she's gotten that one removed as well.

Justin Bieber making out with another girl? Selena Gomez isn't going to like this. Justin was photographed full-on making out with a female fan in Toronto. Fortunately for Selena, the picture was taken months ago according to the photographer. The girl who took the pic, says that she didn't feel right releasing it when she took it a few months back because it was her friend. However, it's been a while, so she thought it was ok. It was the night he was in Toronto for his show and the makeout went down behind the Four Seasons Hotel.

Oh Charlie Sheen. He's back to his old ways. Despite attempts from Two and a Half Men executives to get Charlie sober for good, he's back in Vegas. Charlie was photographed with a female companion throwing back shots of Grey Goose. Charlie still doesn't think he has a problem and won't take anyone's advice. Let's put it this way, the Adult Entertainment Expo was in town and he has 3 women took home some awards at the Expo.