When it comes to Christmas, most people don't think about candy. But we all have our favorite Holiday treats!

Believe it or not, around Christmas time, candy sales are absolutely booming. According to a new study, Americans will spend $1.93 billion on candy this year alone. Yes, I said billion, with a "b".

Obviously, we all have our favorites, but which candy is each state's absolute favorites? Luckily for me, I didn't have to work too hard on this, because the fine folks at CandyStore did it for us.

Here's what they found:


1.  Red and green M&M's are the top candy in eight states.  Christmas Pez dispensers and candy also took eight states.

2.  The most traditional Christmas candies finished close behind.  Candy canes won seven states, and peppermint bark won four states.

3.  "Reindeer corn," pretty much Candy Corn in December, somehow won in Alabama, Michigan, and Utah.

4. North Dakota is the only state that decided the best way to celebrate Christmas is to bite the heads off of chocolate Santas. Bravo.

5. If you were wondering, Louisiana's favorite Christmas candy is PEZ.