If you're a single female in Shreveport/Bossier City and you're trying online dating, here are some of the pictures you'll see come up on almost every single man from Shreveport/Bossier City's profile!

The dating game is still relatively new to me, but I've noticed some serious similarities in men's dating profiles in our area. Camo, hunting dogs, big fish, and gym selfies!!! Here are my favorites, and the red flags that they throw, in no particular order below.

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    The Griller

    Nothing shows how manly a man is than one who can not only go out and hunt for your dinner but prepare it as well!

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    Shirtless Pics/Gym Selfies

    Nothing says I work out and I'm into myself like shirtless pics or gym selfies. They're a big red flag for me. I carry a little extra weight and I don't need that kind of negativity in my life!

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    The Fisherman

    We know men from our area are into hunting and fishing... but you've gotta wonder with some of these fish pictures, are they compensating for something or maybe looking for your approval? A new Louis Vuitton would be more impressive boys!

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    The Hunter

    Yes, you work hard for the money so you can go out and spend it on guns, dogs, meat processing, deer stands, hunting leases, new camo each year, etc... Nothing says 'hunting widow' like these kinds of pictures. Can I pet your dog?

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    The Boy and His Toys

    This works for motorcycles, muscle cars, bass boats, and all other 'big boy toys!' I'm personally afraid of motorcycles, but this isn't necessarily a red flag... if he's willing to support your hobbies just as passionately!

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    The Caring Father

    Yes, you have kids. Yes, you had a life before hitting Match, Bumble, Twitter, etc... but we all know that kids aren't always easy. In fact, most parents are upfront about having kids and how important they are, but would never post a picture of them on their dating profile. Heck, give it at least a few months of dating before you introduce someone to your kids... unless you're just looking for a new baby momma.

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    The Dogfisher

    Nothing says, 'I'm not afraid of commitment,' like having a dog! Except when it isn't your dog! Yes, there's a name for that and it's called 'dogfishing.' Using sweet, fluffy Fido to make you look imminently more datable is cheating... Unless he's actually yours... Can I pet your dog?

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