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By now you've seen plenty of lists about the movies that have been filmed in Louisiana. This time of year, we see a lot of lists with all of the horror movies that have been filmed in the state. Partially because Louisiana's film industry has been stronger than average states for a long time, but also because a good percentage of the filming projects in Louisiana have been "spooky" in nature.

But it hasn't just been movie projects that Louisiana has hosted. There have been plenty of TV productions in the state as well. In fact, as of this writing, there are multiple TV projects happening around the state.

Just like the movie productions, there has been a big percentage of the TV productions that have leaned in to the thriller/horror territory too. Check out some of these TV series that have been filmed around the state...

Scariest TV Shows Filmed In Louisiana

Our location information comes from IMDB. All of these shows are listed by IMDB to be filmed in Louisiana, even if it was just some scenes, seasons, or reshoots.

19 Scary Movies With Louisiana As The Setting

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