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I've heard that in some parts of the country, like Gatlinburg, Tennessee, fall moves in over the course of several weeks.

They say it's the most beautiful thing in the world watching all the leaves change color as mornings get cooler and the days get shorter.

Yeah, it's not that way around here. Here, things are completely different. Leaves change color on Tuesday. They are on the ground and clogging your gutters Wednesday. And things do cool off, but usually that's only when you walk in the beer cooler at the convenience store while you load up for the LSU game.

There are however, a number of things, that do set us apart here in God's Country.

We have age old traditions and customs that make Fall around here almost as predictable as the outcome of a cookie jar in the middle of a room full of teenage boys.

Just take a look and see if you agree that these are The Top 8 Signs It's Fall Here in Northwest Louisiana!

The Top 8 Signs It's Fall Here in Northwest Louisiana

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