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When it comes to Librarians, Northwest Louisiana has struck gold!  We have some of the finest libraries, so it only stands to reason that we have the best of the best when it comes to folks who oversee these incredible and educational institutions.  Now, we've got some pretty serious bragging rights to back those claims!

Not one, but three amazing librarians from the LSUS Noel Memorial Library have been hand-picked to join twenty-two others in the Louisiana Board of Regents' LOUIS Open Textbooks Pilot: Interactive Open Educational Resource for Dual Enrollment.  If you are thinking that there are a lot of words in that title - you're right, but these bibliognosts can handle it!

In a nutshell, the pilot program aims to develop dual-enrollment classes for high-school students.  These classes will reduce the cost of higher education for students because it will allow them to accrue college course credits while they are earning their high school diploma.  What makes this program unique is the fact that it will give these motivated students access to free educational materials like textbooks that usually carry a pretty hefty price tags.

According to Patch.comJessica Hawkes, Sarah Mazur, and Brian Sherman will be representing LSUS and NW Louisiana when they sit among their twenty-two esteemed colleagues of the LOUIS member library community in Louisiana who were also chosen for the honor of helping more students reach the goal of receiving their college degree.

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