I have found my prince! Well, he is a duke, and he's already married. George Percy, the Duke of Northumberland was once single, but darn Pippa Middleton swept him away from me before I even new he existed. I know, how dare she!

Anyway my Duke is kind of a big deal. He is worth, according to VIP FAQ, $160,619,819. Trust me! I am not the kind of girl to go after money. That just isn't me.

However, the Duke of Northumberland just so happens to own the Alwick Castle, according to daily mail. If you are unfamiliar with the castle's name you might recognize it by it's other name... Hogwarts!

Last year is when he got married to Pippa, and I know what you are thinking. How did we let this happen! Well, I guess I hope they live happily ever after, but if they host a Christmas Party at the Hogwarts castle I better get an invite.