We were all excited and thrilled when we found out that the Logan Mansion would be hosting their Haunted Tours however, this new announcement is a game-changer. According to the Logan Mansion, "Northwest Louisiana needs a monstrously good annual Halloween inspired event." they claim they already have the most important piece needed for such an event, the Logan Mansion.

The Monsters' Ball will take over the town on Friday, October 25th at 7:00 p.m. Food from the new Revenir Restaurant which will be opening soon inside the Every Man’s A King Distillery. Music from the Jimmy Wooten Band, Dirtfoot, and Aurelio Voltaire. You can get some cocktails prepared specifically for the event as well.

Although we have never seen an event quite like this before in Shreveport, we are eagerly waiting. "Gothic décor and a bizarre bazaar featuring a myriad of artists will be part of the mysteriously magical night." added the Logan Mansion.

"Check out the Subterranean Speak Easy and take an optional immersive style guided tour of Oakland Cemetery. Dine, dance and mingle in the moonlight with fellow monsters until the midnight hour. New Orleans may have its vampires, but Shreveport has its monsters." For more information and to purchase your tickets just click on their event page on Facebook.