I have quite a few Beanie Babies, sadly, none of them are worth more than a couple bucks. Believe me, I've checked. However, I couldn't imagine the feeling if I sold one for a few dollars and it turned out to be worth nearly $100,000.

That horrible feeling is currently being felt by someone in England. Earlier this month, 22-year-old Ryan Flanaghan and his 20-year-old girlfriend Leah Rogers went to a garage sale and bought a purple Beanie Baby for $15.

They had no clue that they had hit the Beanie Baby lottery. It was no ordinary purple bear. This sucker was a limited edition Princess Diana memorial bear and with only 100 in existence, it's worth quite a bit of money.

$93,000 to be exact.

The couple is trying to sell it now on eBay, if you have $93,000 or so laying around, you can bid on it here!


After posting this on Facebook, I realized quickly that a ton of people have this Beanie Baby! It looks like there were 100 "first editions" made in 1997. Those are the only ones worth any money! I'm not sure how to tell if you have a first edition or not, but I will find out and update when I know.


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