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Nope, it's not a joke. This is a real restaurant in Bossier City.

Even though it seems like it would be a random background restaurant in a show like Rick & Morty, this place truly exists. I know, because I went there, and it was awesome.

They're officially called "Gina's Waffles & Dogs", but as you can see from the sign, they're best known as simply Waffles & Dogs. Which is pretty exact to what it is they do, just waffles and hot dogs.

Now, the hot dogs aren't going to be what you might expect if you're from Chicago or New York. These are corn dogs, like you'd get at the fair...but not really. They're actually K-Dogs, or Korean Corn Dogs. Here's a quick breakdown of them from the iamafoodblog:

"There are a couple of differences between the corn dogs you know and Korean corn dogs. The main difference between corn dogs and Korean corn dogs lies in the batter. American corn dogs are battered in a cornmeal batter and Korean corn dogs are battered in a yeasted dough or a rice flour batter.

Korean corn dogs are also finished with a sprinkling of sugar."

TSM Photo
TSM Photo

Now that blog also explains that most K-Dogs don't actually have hot dogs in them, and are just made of cheese. But not at Gina's Waffle & Dogs, they actually do offer hot dogs inside their K-Dogs. But they have plenty of options too.

Their waffles aren't exactly the same kind you get at Waffle House either. The waffles here are "Bubble Waffles", which are a Hong Kong creation. A street food created as a result of post-war economic issues. But then a Ukrainian business owner had the idea to add ice cream and turn them into dessert treats. Which is the version you'll find a Waffles & Dogs in Bossier.

TSM Photo
TSM Photo

These bubble waffles are packed with ice cream, fruit, Pocky Sticks, and more. They're amazing treats, and the size of a full meal. So if you're going to have both waffles and dogs at Waffles & Dogs, don't feel the need to get a lot of dogs if you're getting the waffles too.

You can check them out for yourself at 2307 East Texas in Bossier City. They're in the shopping center near the corner of East Texas and Benton Road, near Little Cesar's Pizza.

This Bossier Spot Only Has Hot Dogs and Waffles On the Menu

This Bossier City restaurant called Gina's Waffles & Dogs literally just has waffles and hot dogs on the menu...but its so freakin' good.

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