It's held the title as cheapest house for sale in Shreveport for nearly 800 days.

Believe it or not, I discovered this house for sale nearly two years ago. I even wrote about it then, and was completely shocked to discover today that it is still on the market. At the same time, it probably shouldn't be surprising, at $7,000, it might be fair to say it's somehow overpriced.

Home-buying is, of course, costly and stressful. That's one reason I love living at Kingston Crossing in Benton.

I'm sure one day, though, I'll hit the house market and try to find a steal of a deal. If you're looking for a steal, and don't mind spending 10x the price of the house, on the house after purchasing it... This might be the one for you. Actually, it probably isn't for you, even if you're willing to spend the money to flip this bad boy. This actually might be a bulldozer then restart type of situation.

Located on Karen Street in Shreveport, this three bedroom, 1,600 sq. feet crib is listed at a smooth $7,000. Granted, it needs more work than I can possibly imagine, but it is still officially the cheapest house for sale currently in Shreveport. Who wants to stop by and take a tour?

For what it's worth, the price of this house has dropped since hitting 775 days ago. Back then, it was listed at $9,000, but was dropped to $7,000 relatively recently. Do you think anyone will ever buy this property?

Cheapest House Currently for Sale in Shreveport

This house has been on the market for 775 days and it's located on Karen St in Shreveport. It can be yours for $7,000.

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