An ice cream bar that cures hangovers? I'll take twenty, please!

Ice cream is delicious any time of the day, but if I can eat it while laying in bed binge-watching Netflix and nursing my hangover then I am all for it. I mean, why not?

According to, the Gyeondyo-bar's ingredients stem from a hangover cure that Koreans have been using since the 17th century! The grapefruit flavored ice cream bar is infused with oriental raisin tree fruit juice, which has been found to reduce symptoms of intoxication.

The Gyeondyo-bar, which translates to "hang in there", was made by the convenience store chain Withme FS specifically to combat hangovers.

Surprisingly, it's the first ever hangover ice cream bar. How has no one come up with this until now? I could have really used a freezer stocked with Gyeondyo-bar's in college.

Would you try the Gyeondyo-bar?

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