A little too much booze combined with the DJ playing "Cupid Shuffle" equals this hot mess.

Meet Nathan. He is a hairless Chinese crest dog with his own Facebook page, who loves to get his groove on. Unfortunately, his chair dance moves are reminiscent of a drunken clubbie.

We've all seen that one person who has had a little too much to drink. They're bobbing and weaving sleepily in the corner until their jam comes on.

That jam is "Cupid Shuffle."

They storm out to the center of the dance floor and command some space. Forget "to the left", "now kick", or "walk it out." No, this is a no-holds-barred thrashing of the dance floor and anyone unlucky enough to be standing near by, perfectly performing the correct steps.

It's painful, uncomfortable and hilarious. Watch as Nathan demonstrates.

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