Every Monday on the Morning Madhouse we like to highlight an organization, group, or person who does great things for our community. We call this #SupportLocal, and this week we wanted to highlight Common Ground.

The Common Ground Community is "a group from all backgrounds trying to put feet to our faith at our community center in the Cedar Grove neighborhood of Shreveport, Louisiana. We live life together as neighbors and friends, encouraging deep, meaningful relationships, and recognizing the inherent worth of each individual," as stated on their website.

They do several amazing things for the community. They have several youth programs and adult programs. They also run a community garden. And that is just naming a few things that they do.

They have an event coming up on May 1st, Give for Good, which is an 24 hour online giving challenge that happens every year for North Lousiaiana non-profits. Last year the event raised $1.6 Million with $44,000 going towards Common Ground, as stated in their newsletter. This year they are partnering with Twisted Root, located on Line Avenue, who will be donating 20% of all proceeds on that day to Common Ground. All that money will go towards their summer youth programs.

If you are wanting to get involved they are currently hiring for summer camp staff.