Golfing isn't about strokes or handicaps, it's about drinking with your best buds. These guys get it.

Honestly, this could go down i history as one of the most impressive human feats of all time. Anyone can drive a golf cart. Anyone can chug a beer. Anyone can surf, or at least try to. But I have a feeling these three dudes are the only guys in the world talented (or stupid) enough to pull this off.

I've never seen anything quite like it but I'll try my best to explain what's happening. All three bros combined to complete the most impressive beer chug in human history, with each guy playing a vital role.

First, we have the driver. His job seems simple but in reality, he holds the lives of his friends in his hands. He must be steady and smooth to pull this off.

Next, we have the beer-chugger. His job is more difficult than simply digesting some ice cold Natty Light. He must lay on his back, with his feel pressed against the golf cart, which is pushing him along.

Next, we have the surfer. This guy is crucial to the operation. He must stand on the beer-chuggers stomach while this chug is in action. Not only must he remain balances while standing on his bro, he must also pour his liquid gold directly into the mouth of the poor soul he's standing on.

When it's all said and done, I give these three 10/10. Bravo gentlemen.