If you asked 100 people what household chores they hate the most, 150 of them would respond by saying they hate to clean their bathrooms and specifically their toilets. The job is so awful that some people would say they hate cleaning toilets twice, that's why we have the disparity in our math.

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What is it About Cleaning the Toilet That We Hate?

I guess you could be correct if you answered this question with the word, everything. Toilets as a rule are gross simply based on the activities that they usually host. I mean, when our own bodies don't want to hold on to "stuff" any longer, we deposit that "stuff" in a toilet.

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Why is the Toilet So Hard to Clean?

For me, I would have to say it's two reasons. The first one is that the toilet in most homes is in the corner or a small sequestered space in the bathroom. That makes it hard for "portly" human beings to actually get in close enough to clean the bowl and other hardware. The other reason is that toilet fixtures and hardware are tough for big thick man fingers to manipulate a rag in and around.

What's the Dirtiest Part of Your Toilet?

You might think it's the place where the poop goes but actually, we as cultured human beings do a pretty good job of keeping that easy to reach surface clean and free from debris. The actual hardest and dirtiest place on your toilet might the area directly behind the seat. Think of the area where the toilet seat is secured to the bowl and is attached very closely to the toilet's tank.

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Is There an Easier Way to Clean That Hard to Reach Part of the Potty?

Actually, there is. Tik Tok user Sara (@shessunday) recently posted a video of this toilet hack that I never knew existed. The video shows how you can unsnap the covering over the bolts that hold the toilet seat to the bowl and then slide the seat off. When you're finished cleaning you simply slide the seat back on and snap down the coverings. Easy!

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Does That Work on Every Toilet?

Uh, No. I checked around the office where I work and we didn't have the "plastic flip-up toilet seat" flanges that Sara from Tik Tok has. I am guessing it's because our restrooms are more commercial here at work. Perhaps Sara's hack will work best on your in-home toilet.

Giorgio Trovato via Unsplash.com

What's the One Thing Every Man Should Know About His Bathroom Habits?

Splatter. I can't think of a better way to explain it than that. Think about this fellows. When you use the urinal at McDonald's the drain is close to the floor so children can use it, right? Well if you've ever had the great misfortune of answering nature's call in that kind of a restroom while you're wearing sandals you know what I mean about splatter. It happens in your "home bowl" too. So, stand a little, no, a lot closer.

Sitting Down is Actually Good For Everybody

As a guy, the concept of sitting down for one of the two aspects of toilet use makes great sense. However, the experts, yes, there are toilet experts, say that sitting down to go "number one" for men is actually a good idea for guys. Especially guys that have prostate issues or back problems.

I guess the only other thing we can add at this point is this. Wash your hands. Trust us, just wash your darn hands.

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