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As Mother's Day approaches, I wanted tot take time today to write a special thank you to the Moms that I have been with since I was born,

I was born right here in Shreveport, La in 1991. Since then, for 28 years, I have been surrounded by the most amazing women. I am extremely lucky to have my mom, my aunt, my Nana, and my great grandma. For those who don't know, I also have two beautiful daughters.

Yes, I know, I am a lucky man. Five generations of moms, daughters, and me.

My mother, Sandi Sweet, took care of my sister and me as a single mom working every job she could to give us the best life possible. When you’re growing up in that situation, you don't really recognize the true sacrifice that's being made. My Mom made it look easy, even though I know now, it absolutely was not. She had dreams herself, and she put those on the back-burner so she could work around the clock for my sister and me. Man, I love that woman. She's the most amazing grandmother to my daughters, they absolutely idolize her, just as I do. My Mom has been one of the very best teachers in Caddo Parish for many years, spending most of them at Summerfield Elementary. She just completed her first year as a fifth grade teacher at University. I am endlessly grateful for her, and everything she has given me.

I spent a lot of time with my aunt as well growing up, Marine veteran Stacy Haley. Aunt Stacy made sure her children and her niece and nephew always received the much-needed no-nonsense loving. She raised two beautiful children herself, and always treated my sister and me like we were her own. She is currently raising my youngest cousin Brayden, who might just be the strongest kid I know. I also know where he gets that from, look no further than Aunt Stacy.

My Nana, Kay Haley is the stuff of legend around my friends, to this day. My Nana has always been my number one fan, and she has always been an absolute hoot. She the funniest person I've ever met. She never missed one single baseball or football game, from the time I was five years old to Senior year in high school. My friends loved her so much, they would all go up to her at baseball games and hug her neck. She would most likely roast them one by one in the way that only she could. My Nana worked at Christus Schumpert in Shreveport for 37 years and retired in 2013. She loved her job more than anything. Today, she told me, "In life, I only wanted two things; blonde-headed babies, a black horse, and to work in a big hospital, and I got all three!" My Nana is so special to me.

Last, but certainly not least, my great Grandma Sue. The common joke among our family is that Grandma Sue will outlive all of us. As I type this, I'm proud to say that Grandma Sue is 99 years young and no where close to slowing down. She is still driving, and eating regularly at her favorite food-joint, Taco Bell. Growing up, while my Mom worked two-three jobs, I spent the days with my Grandma Sue. I'll absolutely never forget the love and patience she showed me as a child. She still sees me like that little boy in her living room, and I will always love and cherish the relationship I have with my great grandma. We are so lucky to have her.

Happy Mother's Day to the Moms in my life, as well as all of the wonderful moms here in the Ark-La-Tex.