Today was a strange day, to say the very least.

For me, today perfectly characterizes exactly how strange and awesome YouTube can be. Believe it or not, when I woke up this morning, I had never heard of the UK's House of Commons. For those who, like me, isn't familiar with the House of Commons, basically the House of Commons is the lower house of the UK's parliament filled with elected representatives from across the UK. The House of Lords is the upper house, where Lords are not elected but rather appointed.

I haven't really got caught up on much with the House of Lords, but thanks to a random recommended video on YouTube this morning, I'm pretty much an expert on the House of Commons at this point.

What started with one simple video led to hours on YouTube diving into everything that is the House of Commons. This place is a complete madhouse, rivaling a third grade classroom when a substitute teacher is in charge. It's complete madness, spoken eloquently in every wonderful accent found in the UK.

I think that's one reason I instantly became so fascinated with the House of Commons. Things go from 0-100 so quickly, and in the middle of the chaos, those debating passionately speak in the most eloquent way. It's awesome.

So here's a few hilarious videos to get you started. I wish our politics were half as entertaining as this!




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