Today is one of the toughest days I have had to face in a long time.  My 14 year old longhair dachshund, Braxton will be travelling down the rainbow road later today.  I rarely write about something so personal, but I have never had to do anything like this before.

I have had pets that passed before, but never one that needed to be put down.  My family and I have loved and cared for this amazing and gentle dog from birth, and have spent countless hours with him.  We found out recently that he had prostate cancer, and though there is a procedure that might help him live a little while longer - it was very risky for his particular breed.  The decision was made to put him to sleep, but we just weren't ready yet.

We have spent the last week with our sweet, furry dog-son - heaping love, naps, and delicious meals on him in an effort to give him a last taste of life with his human family.  The vet staff at Halcyon in Bossier has been excellent through this whole ordeal, and I am sure they will make his passing calm and peaceful.

I am going to miss him so terribly much.  So much so, it is hard to type this through the tears.  If you are reading this and your furry family member is nearby, hug and pet them for me and Braxton.

I read today that when your pet passes, Steve Irwin is there to be his or her new owner in the afterlife.  For some reason, that is a pretty awesome comfort.