Today was a really cool day and it's all because of our friends at Coke! May 8th is National Share A Coke Day so we spent the afternoon going around the Shreveport/Bossier City area passing out Free Cokes and Coke Swag to random people. From doctor offices to mailmen we met a lot of amazing people and had a great time doing it... Ok and yes we drank a few sodas ourselves.

We started by asking people where we should go and then just went from there. We mostly went to offices but then we had a college student post on our video that she was studying and needed a coke to help her cram for finals... We figured she needed a 12 pack to last her through the week!

Thank you to Coke-Cola for hooking us up with the Free Cokes and hopefully we can go back out again soon! Check out some of the pictures from today below....

Share A Coke Day