As a father of two girls and a full-time grown-up, I haven't felt like a kid in a long time... Until tonight.

I was cleaning out my car in my parking space at the lovely Kingston Crossing Apartments. As I'm cleaning, I noticed a big group of kids playing whiffleball in the open space next to my home. One kid yelled at me that they are protecting my car, which I thought was nice. In that moment, I quickly got hit with memories of growing up in Shreveport.

Most of my early life I grew up in the Blue Ridge trailer park on Buncombe road. Towards high school I mainly lived in the New Castle sub-division in Shreveport. In both neighborhoods, I spent every single summer day in the biggest patch of grass I could find playing football/whiffle ball with my neighborhood friends.

It's been so long since I've even thought about those memories but man, aren't they sweet memories to have. There's nothing like a summer with friends, playing sports with no care in the world.

Naturally, I joined their whiffle ball game and hit bombs left and right, felt right at home as if I hopped in a time-machine and jumped back to the 1990's. If only for a night.