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I'll never forget it. The year was 1980 and my family had just been transferred to Barksdale Air Force Base from upper Michigan. That summer was when I became deathly afraid of bodies of water in Louisiana! I blame it all on my brother. We were playing in the 'beach' area of Lake Bistineau and the water was 'redder' than any I had ever seen before at the tender age of six. He explained to me that the water was red, not because of the reddish clay, but because of the piranha that were lying in wait to eat another small child like myself. It took me YEARS to get back into any body of water that wasn't fully chlorinated. Even then I had to be able to see through to the bottom. Trust issues. Thanks, big brother.

I'm sure I'm not the only girl that had her brother torture her using all things conveniently Louisiana-related. I remember him vaguely leaving some ginormous snake skins on the front doorstep for me to find. I did. I was suitably terrified and didn't even want to walk the bike trail along Shadow Lake inside of Dogwood Park subdivision where the skins had come from alone for quite some time. Yes, trust issues again! Don't even get me started on the BB gun wars!

So I got to thinking about trust issues and some of the ones that we have that are unique to us here in Louisiana. Here goes!

1. Tomatoes in gumbo, just don't do it.
2. Being told that alligator tastes 'just like chicken' from a young age.
3. People that don't use Tony's on everything.
4. Never trust someone who wants to eat at a chain restaurant.
5. Politicians that say they're honest/ethical.
6. People who don't understand what a 'go-cup' is.
7. Car insurance.
8. Meteorologists.
9. Gumbo from a Campbell's Soup Can
10. Pretending you didn't see your fellow churchgoer at the liquor store the night before.

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