A tropical storm is currently forming in the Gulf of Mexico and could cause flooding and damage here in Louisiana.

Most of us are celebrating and welcoming our summer in 2021, certainly more so than ever considering we didn't really have a summer last year. Yet, with the return of summer is nice and certainly cause for celebration, summer also means the return of our biggest enemy. Hurricane season starts on June 1st and remains until the end of November, and this year, we may be in for our first bout with mother nature right off the bat.

Forecasters are currently monitoring a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico that will likely form into a tropical storm this week. National Weather Service meteorologist Ben Schott says that the storm could very likely move northward and bring heavy rainfall and flash flooding into South Louisiana as early as Friday.

He says, "Wherever it lands, just to the east of the center is going to be heavy, heavy rainfall.” He also says, "All the models have been amazingly consistent that somewhere between Lake Charles and Mobile, Alabama is going to get drenched this weekend in a way that has the possibility for flooding."

As of this writing, the storm has not formally formed into a tropical storm yet, but if it does, it has been named Claudette. Often we get hung up on storms being hurricanes or tropical storms and being categorized, but if there's anything Louisianians know by now, it's that every storm is different, regardless of its category.

We'll keep you updated as the week comes to an end.



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