If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that the trucking industry is more important than ever.

Just about everything we have in our homes and even the clothes on our backs got to us via an 18-wheeler. I can't think of anything that is in my home that wasn't delivered by a big truck.

The American economy took a hit during the pandemic and we saw firsthand how the trucking industry is what truly made our national and local economy go round. If we were blind to it before, the pandemic made it very clear.

Lack Of Truck Drivers Adds To Supply Chain Disruptions
Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

You have probably seen countless trucking companies hiring.

When I saw how much they're offering experienced drivers I thought "Oh my goodness they must be really struggling to find truck drivers". It's true, America is suffering from a very severe shortage of truck drivers. This may not seem like a problem to you but take a second to think about what the shortage of drivers means.

Lack Of Truck Drivers Adds To Supply Chain Disruptions
Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

If the trucks that we heavily rely on don't have drivers, we are the ones who suffer.

It's our old buddy's cause and effect. If those trucks don't have drivers, they won't move. If the trucks don't get on the road your local store isn't resupplied. If your local store has bare shelves then we face shortages. The shortages lead to higher prices. The Louisiana Motor Transport Association is warning everyone about the shortage of drivers. They claim this could lead to some empty shelves for the holidays.

Do you plan to celebrate the holidays differently this year in anticipation of the potentially empty shelves?

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